Educational Policy


In kindergarten, children will learn basic life skills and positive habits such as greeting each other and manners. We will also support them develop the ability to think for themselves and take initiative independently. By establishing good communication with our students’ families, we strive to improve the educational environment for children to enjoy their school life, respecting them and their personalities.

A child’s early years play a key role in the acquisition of communication and language abilities as well as in the development of their arithmetic skills. If children miss this initial chance of acquiring language comprehension skills, they will need much more time to develop the same ability later in life. This is why our program includes English and mathematics lessons multiple times a week. During their English classes, students at GSAIS have plenty of opportunities to hone their pronunciation, listening, and speaking skills, as well as building strong foundations in phonics which will then help them develop their reading and writing. All of the subjects, with the exception of Japanese language classes, are taught in English.

In addition to English and mathematics, we give importance to the children’s physical and creative development. Special subjects such as physical education, music and Japanese are integrated into our curriculum and taught by specialist teachers with the support of class teachers.

We believe in the power of movement, music and art to express feelings that sometimes words cannot convey. We wish our children will lead positive lives, surrounded by many friends and with the strength to overcome difficulties. And we hope that sports, art and music will bring them fulfillment and enrich them as individuals.

We want our kindergarten to be a place where children are eager to come every day to play with friends and have fun learning. Our main goal is to have children enjoy every moment at school, and while they are having fun equip them with all of the tools and knowledge that will make them shine. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our facilities and educational environment to maintain the highest quality in early childhood education.

GSA Group Philosophy

“To develop and support the unique potential of every student as they
discover their passions and direction in an ever-changing world.”
Mission Statement
“To provide a challenging and holistic international
education to children of all nationalities.

Student Values

CURIOUS (好奇心):
“Attain, to the best of each individual’s ability, high levels of understanding and competencies across a broad range of subjects.”

“Attain the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to be lifelong learners through collaborative interaction with each other.”

“Be curious and courageous independent learners, who take active participation in the learning process.”

“Be compassionate international citizens of a changing and challenging world.”